Inner Landscapes
Hamilton Elementary


These Inner Landscapes were made in Hamilton Elementary School in Novato, California - a school that is 85% free and reduced lunch.  The arts integration project involves writing, mind-mapping, design thinking, drawing, painting, poetry and speaking. Through  Create Peace Project, Lili Lopez and Laurie Marshall co-facilitated the creation of 85 Inner Landscapes funded by the Sausalito Arts Festival Foundation's Artists Teaching Art.


Each child made an I Am poem that was added behind each of their inner landscapes


"Inner Landscape" by Brandon, 3rd Grade, anthropologist, Hamilton Elementary, Novato, CA.


I am the Flag of El Salvador because that is where my parents are from


I am the Flag of the United States because this is my home


I am a Chinese Dragon that protects my culture and temple


I am a Believer of Jesus because I read the Bible


I am a Yang because I like Chinese culture


I am a God Believer and Heaven Holder


I am a bad friend and good friend


I am a risk taker because I do dangerous things for my Body


I am a great nephew, cousin and child


I am a person that loves my family and where they came from


I am a person that likes to visit new places and cultures in the world

The Inner landscape book was created honoring these 4th graders Inner Landscapes and poems. Each of them got a copy of the book.