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Singing Tree Murals of 2011

Redwood Singing Tree of Biodiversity_edited.jpg

1300 staff and students of A.P Giannini Middle School in San Francisco innovated by collaborating to create a mural inspired by their eco-system.


80 students from 26 countries made "The Tree of Life that Sings" mural in a day of creativity at the Institute for Civil Leadership's two week training camp in Victoria, British Columbia.

maple singing tree of familes 4.jpeg

The Maple Singing Tree of Families was made by 120 people who are focusing on making a change in how services are delivered to low-income families.

Sycamore Singing Tree of Success.jpeg

Sycamore Singing Tree of Success

Sycamore Singing Tree of Success with A.P. Giannini Middle School, sponsored by Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).