Singing Tree Murals of 2019


Pathway Forward Singing Tree Mural for the Bioneers Conference of 2019


City Managers in Washington, DC ended their George Washington University Leadership Training Program by reflecting on their experience together in the Singing Tree of Excellence.


The McKinley Singing Tree of One Heart

Made in McKinley Elementary School in Burlingame, CA with 100 kids during recess two days in a row.

 Mangrove Singing Tree of Love.jpeg

The Mangrove Singing Tree of Love

The Mangrove Singing Tree of Love in progress. Made by the 6th-8th grade students at West Glades Middle School at Parkland, FL.


 Inspired by Project Drawdown's top 10 solutions.


The Future Accelerator Singing Tree, created at the Institute of Noetic Science Conference in Palo Alto, CA 2019.


The Rooftop Elementary School of San Francisco's Singing Tree of Solutions


50 students, 3rd through 8th grade, led this STEAM project, serving 350 students in South San Francisco.

The Department of Peace Building Singing Tree Branch 1.jpeg

The Department of Peace Building Singing Tree (it's a branch) made over two retreats of the Northern California Peace Alliance.