Singing Tree Murals of 2020

The Rowan Singing Tree of Embracing Our Unknown.jpeg

The Rowan Singing Tree of Embracing Our Unknown

Made via internet people sent photos of their birds and leaves to me. I printed them out and glued them on.

The Singing Tree of Nature’s Healing Democracy.jpeg

The Singing Tree of Nature’s Healing Democracy

The 2nd Co-Heart co-created "The Singing Tree of Nature's Healing Democracy" on the weekend that the election was announced.


Mango Singing Tree of Peace

Facilitated by Lynn Chittick, founder of Torch Seeds with 90 students of GBSS Sukhio Goth School, Karachi, Pakistan


The Banyan Singing Tree of the Beloved Community

Created as the final reflections for the coaching program of George Washington University's Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.


Howard Elementary School’s Restorative Justice Mural

The third Restorative Justice Singing Tree mural, led by students at Howard Elementary school in Oakland.


AIMS High School Restorative Justice Singing Tree

The Restorative Justice Singing Tree co-designed with AIMS high school students focusing on repairing harm and building trust.



AIMS Middle School Restorative Justice Singing Tree

Restorative Justice Singing Tree at Aims Middle School in Oakland, California. A project with Restorative Justice for Oakland youth RJOY.


The Singing Tree™ of Spirit and Nature

The Singing Tree of Spirit and Nature made by the Living Wisdom School in Palo Alto.