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Redwood Singing Tree of Biodiversity

Redwood Singing Tree of Biodiversity.  1300 staff and students of A.P Giannini Middle School in San Francisco innovated by collaborating to create a mural inspired by their eco-system. With the help of art teacher Dawn Weickum, the art students were trained in peace leadership.   They distributed 1200 leaves, birds, stars to their fellow students and the staff. 8th graders drew local plants and animals.  7th graders drew images on birds and stars to honor ones who are gone. 6th graders make the Redwood’s needles in the form of hands, drawing their gifts and celebrating their heritage. Administrators, custodians, security guards and secretaries draw their gifts on an outline of their hands. A 7th grader had the idea of creating a rainbow made out of musical notes. During the celebration of the mural’s completion, the 8th grade sang a song about “Coming Home” to the earth. The chorus accompanies the video below, which was filmed by 8th graders. The mural is installed at the middle school.


Laurie Marshall



A.P. Giannini Middle School

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