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Singing Tree Mural Project Workshop and Certification

California Workshop

We are excited to offer an in-person and on-line Singing Tree Mural Certification program partnering with Shiloh Sophia’s Intentional Creativity Foundation.

This Singing Tree® Mural workshop gives participants a complete experience of designing and creating a Singing Tree® Mural. It will take place May 23-27th, 2024 at MUSEA in Sonoma, California
.  The hours are 5 -8 pm Thursday, May 23; 9:00 am-4:00 pm Sat and Sun, May 24, 25; 9:00 am-12:00 pm Monday, May 27th.  Space is limited.

This workshop will be followed by a five-month Singing Tree® Mural Facilitator certification program. This program will support you in bringing the Singing Tree® Mural Project to any community of your choice, meeting one Saturday a month. The May workshop is a prerequisite for the certification program, but the workshop may be taken on its own.

This "Peace Building Through Collaborative Art" program uses Nature-based Arts and Neurobiology to help Change Agents creatively transform heartbreaking challenges in their communities. This is a “Shovel-Ready Transformation and Healing Program.”

For 30 years, Curate Shiloh Sophia McCloud has been devoted to nurturing the emergence of conscious community through self-expression. She has published 8 books, taught her curriculum at 3 universities, spoken at the United Nations for 8 years, financed over 7 galleries centering on women’s art and has provided millions of dollars of jobs for women around the world in the arts. While McCloud is an artist, storyteller and teacher, she is also a futurist who has founded one of the world’s largest global art movements, serving tens of thousands of students per month called Musea Center for Intentional Creativity®.

The Singing Tree® Mural Project is an invitation to everyone on the planet to transcend disconnection and loneliness by having fun creating together. Founder Laurie Marshall designed the Singing Tree™ mural structure - works of art created by many people working together inspired by the mutualism of trees and forests. The Singing Tree™ Mural Project demonstrates that collaboration is not only possible, but it produces extraordinary results. 130 murals have been made by over 23,500 people from 52 countries.

  • ST 5-day Workshop

    • Singing Tree Workshop
  • ST Certify Full

    1 payment of $4000 if you sign up after March 31, 2024
    • Singing Tree Certification
  • On-Line stand-alone workshop

    Online Workshop with Musea
    Limited Scholarships Available
    Limited Lodging is available on site

    For any questions call (415)612-0401 or email:

    Payment Plans Available

    MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity

    Musea is a community of creatives working together to make this world what we hope it can be. MUSEA is home to an inter-generational and multicultural collective in 14 Countries with multiple locations. The MUSEA Movement is over 10,000 people strong and has over 500 trained educators.

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