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peace-building through art, inspired by nature

Unity Through


We offer creative training programs for youth, adults and elders that use Visual Art, Storytelling, Ecology and Neurobiology to bring divided communities together. These restorative practices help change agents gain self-confidence and practical skills to imaginatively transform isolation, disconnection, alienation and violence. Our processes of working on a common art project spark connection, joy and innovation. 



The Singing Tree™ Mural Project is a “Shovel-Ready Community Healing Program.” Creating the Beloved Community - one mural at a time.

Rooftop Singing Tree
Azbil Singing Tree

Make a Singing Tree Mural with your organization.

UTC offers programs for your business, community, and schools for all ages. To see our past projects go to our gallery.

Banyan circle of light

Become a Singing Tree Mural Facilitator.

The Singing Tree Certification program allows you to bring peace-building through art projects to your community.

Diana and Leslie Shanel Singing Tree
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