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Thank you!

"I learned that if we could come together to make a mural in a short time, then we could come together to change global warming."

If we can come together to make a Singing Tree mural, we can come together to do anything.

The world needs people—youth, adults, and elders—experiencing that their voice matters and that bringing heart, hands, and head to complex challenges results in innovative solutions.

This is the lesson of Unity Through Creativity. Thank you for your support.

The Impact of Your Contribution

$25 = Prismacolor colored pencils for coloring leaves and birds on a Singing Tree mural

$50 = One 8' x 4' Board and frame for a Singing Tree mural

$100 = Paints for an 8’ x 4’ mural made by 75 adults and youth

$500 = Paints, Brushes, and UV Varnish for 400 students

$1000 = 2 days of Singing Tree Facilitation with 150 students working on a Singing Tree

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