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Conversations Around Peace-Building Through Art - Inspired by Nature


Painting for Peace - Bioneers Interview - Laurie Marshall | 2023

Soul Creativity - Laurie Marshall and Rivera Sun | 2022

International Day of Peace Celebration with KTEP | 2022


Soul Creativity - Laurie Marshall | 2022

Rappahannock Radio - Interview with Kiaya Abernathy and Laurie Marshall 2022

Interview with Jack Canfield and Laurie Marshall | 2022

TreeSisters Creative InnerViews with Laurie Marshall "The Singing Tree Project"


Peace Community Magazine About the Singing Tree Project | 2022 | Article


Think Tech Hawaii and Laurie Marshall Unity Through Creativity, Not Force (The Creative Life) | 2022 | Video


Laurie Marshall and Peace Podcast  Barbara Gaughen-Muller and Laurie Marshall | 2022 | Video


Interview with Laurie Marshall and Mark Lewis Mark Lewis Wagner and Laurie Marshall | 2021 | Video

Supporting Children Through COVID-19 Interview with Laurie Marshall and Gwilda Miyak | 2020 | Audio

Kindness, A Family Value Real Hope Lifestyle and Laurie Marshall | 2020 | Video

Interview with Laurie Marshall and the SingingTree Project Mark Lewis Wagner and Laurie Marshall | 2020 | Audio

Peace Building Through Art – Inspired by Nature: The Singing Tree Collaborative Mural Project A conversation about Peace with Three German Social Work students | 2020 | Video

Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age: Simple Tools for Stressed Out Parents  Interview with Laurie Marshall and Roy Richards | 2020 | Audio

Permission to be Powerful The power of holding space for children with Michelle Maree and Laurie Marshall | 2020 | Video

Interview with Laurie Marshall Laurie Marshall and Rae Luskin | 2018 | Video


Learning from Nature Interview with Laurie Marshall and Haley Campbell | 2017 | Audio


What Can We Learn From Nature? Interview with the Human Current: Casual Conversations about Complexity | 2017 | Audio


016, Ignite Creativity in Every Classroom, Edspiration Podcast, International School Climate Institute Interview with Laurie Marshall and John Linney 2015 | Audio

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