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Unity Through Creativity, Not Force (The Creative Life)

Envisioning positive futures together is a key skill to surviving and thriving in the 21st century. Creativity is a birthright. We each need to use our genius to heal our heartbreak. With a clear vision, like Harriet Tubman’s, we can achieve the goal of communities that work for all.

Unity Through Creativity Foundation, founded by Laurie Marshall, developed the Singing Tree Methodology – A Peace Building Through Art program. Youth, adults and elders, and schools, businesses, and NGOs create a mural together. This taps into the neurobiology of peace and the principle of peace literacy.

The collaborative mural envisions success to community challenges, heals heartbreak and sparks innovative action while connecting the participants to an international network of Peace Leaders. 21,000 people from 52 countries have co-created over 100 murals that use the mutualism of trees as inspiration.

The goal is to demonstrate that profound collaboration is possible, visible, and powerful.

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