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Singing Tree Mural Certification

We are excited to offer an in-person and on-line Singing Tree Mural Certification program.

This Singing Tree® Mural workshop gives participants a complete experience of designing and creating a Singing Tree® Mural.

This workshop will be followed by a five-month Singing Tree® Mural Facilitator certification program. This program will support you in bringing the Singing Tree® Mural Project to any community of your choice, meeting one Saturday a month.

This workshop is a prerequisite for the certification program, but the workshop may be taken on its own.

This "Peace Building Through Collaborative Art" program uses Nature-based Arts and Neurobiology to help Change Agents creatively transform heartbreaking challenges in their communities. This is a “Shovel-Ready Transformation and Healing Program.”
July 13-15th, 2024 at El Paso, Texas
Restorative Justice Singing Tree Mural, Oakland, California

What you get as a Certified Singing Tree Facilitator:

  • A cutting-edge marketable Team Building skill, applicable to corporate, governmental, NGO, educational, and community settings
  • Your profile featured as a certified Singing Tree® Facilitator on Unity Through Creativity’s website
  • Support from the Unity Through Creativity Foundation for outreach, grant-writing and fundraising for your projects
  • Membership in the Singing Tree Facilitators Guild, which meets monthly to exchange best practices and make art together
  • Upleveling of leadership skills to facilitate change through creativity
  • Increasing technical skills in painting, media, entrepreneurship, Restorative Justice, and facilitation
  • Practice in a shovel-ready community healing program that turns trauma into beauty and pain into purpose
  • Creating unique murals that envision success to community challenges
  • Connection to an international network of visionary leaders to support transformation in your community
July 13-15th, 2024 at El Paso, Texas
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