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Hero’s Journey Professional Development

for Teachers and Arts Integration Projects

"Hero's Journey" Arts Integration Workshop

  • Provides an arts integration structure using elements of story, drawing, design, observation and creativity

  • To make a real product for a real audience that expresses a real interest.

  • To fertilize imagination

  • To strengthen self-confidence


Elementary, middle school and high school art teachers from El Paso Independent School District.

Supports teachers in having the more tools to engage students and provide an environment of trust and creativity. Tools like making agreements as the starting point for projects.​


Laurie Marshall with El Paso teachers discussing shared agreements.

Learn the simple structure that is the basis for story telling with an example by Laurie Marshall.


Page 1 - The Hero's Call or Longing. When I lived in California, I missed being with my grandson Oliver.


Page 2 - The Obstacles, the Monsters. I couldn't see him because of Covid.


Page 3 - The Helpers. I got help from the owl, the coyote, flowers and the U.S. Mail Service.


The Resolution. I made Oliver a coloring book and sent it Oliver, which allowed me to play with him, even though he was far away.

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