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About Us

Our mission is to bring divided communities together through collaborative community artwork inspired by Nature, healing heartbreak and laying the foundation for success in meeting community challenges.


The vision of the Unity Through Creativity Foundation is a world that is compassionate, connected, and creative. We bring these three qualities into everything we do in order to establish the foundations for understanding and lasting peace, locally and throughout the world. Just as literacy is considered a birthright, we view peace literacy as a birthright.

We implement our vision through collaborative murals and other collaborative works of art, teaching peace-building skills to youth, adults, and elders. Through shared creative experiences, heart to heart conversations occur on many levels, both spoken and unspoken. The fruit of every project we undertake is a community decision to take innovative actions that transform problems into opportunities and stalemates into success.

Our new normal is a constant state of recovering from traumas due to compounding disasters on planet Earth. We need skills for resilience. At the Unity Through Creativity Foundation, we teach collaborative art-making as a proven tool for Peace-Building. This innovative approach to social/emotional learning and trust development is a joyous path to 21st-century survival.

Land Acknowledgement

We respectfully acknowledge that the Unity Through Creativity Foundation headquarters in Novato, California is located on the unceded traditional land of the Coastal Miwok people.  We are grateful for their stewardship of this land, to which we are visitors.  We humbly strive to be good ancestors, to listen to indigenous voices, and to be in the life-long pursuit to un-colonize our thinking, so that the gifts of all living beings, and the earth that supports us, may flourish. It’s studio/office in El Paso, Texas is located on the land of the Tigua and Mescalero Apache tribes.

The United Nations describes a Culture of Peace as based on “respect for life, ending of violence and promotion and practice of non-violence through education, dialogue and cooperation; respect for and promotion of all human rights and fundamental freedoms; the commitment to peaceful settlement of conflicts; efforts to meet the developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations; and adherence to the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, tolerance, solidarity, cooperation, pluralism, cultural diversity, dialogue and understanding at all levels of society and among nations.”


Unity Through Creativity strives to add to the Culture of Peace

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