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Singing Tree of Freedom for Afghan Women

You are invited to contribute and add your vision and voice to The Afghanistan Singing Tree of Peace.  The purpose of this collaborative mural is to send love and positive attention to all people of Afghanistan, no matter where they are.  This is a pomegranate tree – the national fruit of Afghanistan, with its national animal, the snow leopard, and its national bird, the golden eagle.

Work in progress. Study of the

"Singing Tree of Freedom for Afghan Women"

By Singing Tree Founder and Artist,

Laurie Marshall

20th pomegranate.png

The Invitation:


  1. Make images in the pomegranate leaf template that envision the people of Afghanistan all over the world being safe, loved and thriving. Fill the space with color, shape, and messages that come from your heart. You can use colored pencils, ink, marker, glitter, natural objects, found objects, paint and words. Your fierceness, your imagination, your power is welcome here. Fill up all the white space. (Do not use markers if you are going to mail your leaves, as they will smear when they are glued.)    

  2. The Pomegranate symbolizes the human heart and the abundance of Nature.  Please send your love in this fruit and cover the image with at least 50% red. The splayed edges go at the bottom of the pomegranate

  3. Use the bird template or draw your own bird, flying, standing or singing.  Make your wish or prayer for children, adults and elders who have been injured, for the healing needed to overcome trauma and for strength to create a thriving, just world.

  4. On a separate piece of paper, write about the meaning of your symbols, colors and images.



Take a picture of or scan your leaves and birds and email them to:


We’ll print them out and assemble all the leaves and birds. Or you can cut them out and mail them to:

489 Kingswood Drive

El Paso, TX 79932

20th - leafs.png
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