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Embody Kind Book Bonus

Congratulations on accepting this free gift of instructions to make a mini-Singing Tree Collaborative Mural.  Enjoy!

SESSION 2     1.5 hours

11. Draw the tree on the earth with chalk on the galaxy you had prepared in Session 1.

AimsHigh RJoyST 9_28_29 4.jpeg
AimsHigh RJoyST 9_28_29 5.jpeg

12. Paint the tree on the earth.  It’s fun to think about where the imaginary sun is and add light and shadow to the tree and the earth accordingly.  You can portray the earth imaginatively or realistically. You get to decide together. Add details to the galaxy. Some people can paint while others make the paper elements

AimsHigh RJoyST 9_28_29 1.jpeg

13. Make a stencil of the leaves of your tree.  Manilla folders are good.

14. Use a template of birds from the Unity Through Creativity (UTC) website or draw your own.  Make sure they fly both directions.  Use the star template on the UTC website

15. Trace stencils on paper. Two or three leaves for each person.

16. Cut out leaves, birds and stars.  Chat away – about your theme or whatever you want.

star stencil.jpeg
SESSION 3  1.5 Hours

17. Make images on your leaves, birds and stars using colored pencils that envision a positive future to your challenge.  Fill in all the white space of each element. Put your passion and love on to the paper.  Trust your hand.  We’ve been drawing for 60,000 years at least and only writing for 5000.  Leaves often symbolize service, what action you will take to bring about the positive future.  Birds often symbolize the dream of the positive future.  Stars often stand for loved ones who are no longer with us. You can attach whatever symbolism you want.  We are meaning-making animals.

5 Leaves Trust.jpeg

18. Share the symbolism of what you have created with each other.

19. Place the paper elements on the painting.  Experiment with locations.  Using the Singing Tree story, the birds are flying to the tree. 


20. Using the acrylic gloss medium, cover the whole paper, placing the paper elements in your chosen locations with a layer of gloss medium underneath and a layer of gloss medium over the top.  Be sure to get all the air bubble out.

21. As the medium dries (15 minutes), share your experience of the Singing Tree you’ve created – your feelings, your thoughts, your appreciations for each other. 

22. Put the image on the wall using push pins.  Look at it together and decide where it can go to bring joy to your small community, to your larger community, to the world.

23. Decide on your next project.

Children from Escuelita Amiguitos.png

24. Send Unity Through Creativity ( your high-quality Singing Tree photo and a description of your experience creating it: What you learned, felt, discovered and/or were surprised by. Please also note “freegift.”Thank you for adding to the Forest of Singing Trees. The whole world is invited!!

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