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Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age: Simple Tools for Stressed Out Parents

Interview with Laurie Marshall and Roy Richards

Social distancing along with your children while furloughed, unemployed or working from home is making parenting much harder. It’s even more difficult if you as a parent must assume an active role in your child’s home schooling. Guest, veteran educator, author and bullying prevention expert, Laurie Marshall offers creative solutions that can help your whole family get along and together safely blow off stress during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Tune in for suggestions on how to make home-based learning fun while broadening your children’s horizons. Discover safe ways your teens and pre-teens to can socialize during the pandemic, rather than simply telling them what they can’t do. Uncover the benefit of taking three deep breaths before lashing out at a family member and how to convince your kids that temporary social isolation will pay off for them in the long run. Host Roy Richards explains why in allocating limited time and financial resources, it makes sense to “enjoy and employ.”

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