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Kyangwali and the Trauma of War

The Kyangwali Refugee Settlement began as a camp for refugees from Rwanda in the 1960s.

An enormous number of cultural backgrounds and traditions are present in Kyangwali. There is conflict between nations and tribes. When you are a refugee, you are in crisis: Where am I safe? Whom can I trust? Where can I find a home? How can I make a living?

The logo for this project includes the leaf of Ukraine's national tree, the Viburnum. The Singing Tree facilitators in Uganda are sending love to those who are suffering from war and have become refugees.

The Kyangwali Refugee Settlement Singing Tree Project, led by Congolese refugee Kanizius Nsabimana and Ugandan artist Emmanuel Kavuma, will bring the Singing Tree Project to the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement.

The Kyangwali Singing Tree Project will address the traumas suffered by the more than 125,000 refugees and asylum-seekers, most from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, now at Kyangwali.

The Singing Tree Project is a community-involved Peace-Building-through-Art program that creates opportunities for communities to heal shared wounds.

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