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AZBIL Cherry Singing Tree of Expanded Openness and Learning

Azbil stands for Automation Zone Builder. This Japanese company produces sensors that allow for heating and cooling to be highly energy efficient, makes robots, and engineers machines that help bring comfort and fulfilment to people's lives while contributing to environmental preservation. They have offices all over the world. The painting is a result of The Science of Creativity and Collaboration training that Singing Tree Facilitators Wanda Whitaker and Laurie Marshall taught to the engineers.

"Thank you so much for the 3 day workshop! Everything was very precious and great for me!

I was so happy when I found how much I love to create something and share many and various ideas with everyone. Also, I’m really interested in the philosophy of this workshop. For example, 'Life exists at the edge of order and chaos' is an important thought in complexity science too. I feel the strong connection between science and this activity."

-Yuya Nakazawa, Engineer for Azbil


Laurie Marshall & Wanda Whitaker


Azbil’s North American Research and Development


Santa Clara, CA

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