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Palo Verde Singing Tree of a Green and Connected El Paso

The Lead Design Team of this painting were members of the general public, ages 7 to 73, and the non-profit, Eco El Paso, which is dedicated to sustainability in a hot, arid climate. The Palo Verde tree is a heat-tolerant species that is native to Arizona, though not to El Paso. Blossoms, birds, and butterflies were added by the public at PBS’s Kids Bash and Unity Fest, organized by Plant-A-Seed USA, at Bassett Place Mall in El Paso. Families were invited to make images of the plants, animals, and people they loved in El Paso. Look for bees, cactus, ocotillo, geckos, a jaguar, turtle, ant, hawk, mommies, daddies, baby siblings, rabbit, spider, praying mantis, hummingbirds, fish, and coyote. Activist Judy Ackerman is also honored. She worked for 50 years for the Castner Range to become a National Monument and died the week before the 6672 acres became protected. The black tip rattlesnake, javelina, and mountain lion are included as important to the desert eco-system. A wildlife corridor across Transmountain with a mountain lion safely walking is a long-term vision for a transnational connected path for wildlife from Las Cruces to Juarez.

“We honored Judy Ackerman who spent 50 years fighting for the Castner Range to be made into a Federal Park and died the week before it was official.”

- Fernanda Lugo


Laurie Marshall



El Paso, TX, USA

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