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Singing Ash Tree of Abundance and Protection

CDEC worked with Ashfield Juniors Primary School in Workington on the Singing Ash Tree of Abundance and Protection.

The Singing Tree Project is an invitation to gather, share, and weave community around an issue, and express it in a form of collaborative artwork.

The school was healing the disruption in school community life caused by COVID. From Facilitator Gabi Lipska: "With a core team of 16 pupils from across all year groups, The Singing Tree went deeper into the concept of the children’s individual gifts and contributions as well as the need for protection and care for what they find precious in our community, both locally and globally.”

The school’s newsletter reports "Together we designed a mural that was painted in the school hall with contributions from all members of the school community, including: pupils, teachers, wider staff and all the people who support the running of the school. Inspired by our emotional landscape, individual and collective stories and local nature, our Singing Tree is a unique account of healing and generative conversations.”

“We reorganized our assemblies so that we can always face the artwork created, this way we can all look at it. It’s beautiful and it is a reminder of what we are committed to and capable of when we are together. It feeds into school values and inspires action” - Mrs Sue Frost, Headteacher at Ashfield Juniors Primary School, Workington.


Gabi Lipska



Cumbria, England

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