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Sycamore Singing Tree of Success

The Sycamore Singing Tree of Success was made with art teacher Dawn Weickum from A.P. Giannini Middle School and art students in preparation for San Francisco’s Earth Day in 2011. The students designed and painted the background, plus cut out leaves and birds. The project was sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences  in conjunction with their Worldview Literacy program, directed by Dr. Katia Petersen who had the vision for the display at Earth Day. We also partnered with, an organization dedicated to bringing down carbon dioxide emissions. By putting 350 on the mural, we share the information that we need 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air for life to thrive on the planet.  There were 390 parts per million in 2011.  As of 2023, there were 424.


Laurie Marshall



San Francisco, CA

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