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Mural # 


The Ancestor Singing Tree to Protect Future Fruits

The mural was co-designed and painted by the 6th Co-Heart of Singing Tree Facilitators starting in April,2023. The Co-Heart was made up of people from the University of Pittsburgh's Fulbright Expedition to Kenya led by educational anthropologist Dr. Maureen Porter. In addition, teaching Artist Ernesto Armando Guambe of Maputo, Mozambique, Tilji John , Masai elder of Kenya and four facilitators in El Paso, Texas and one in Napa, California joined the “Peace Building Through Art” training program. The children and the earth’s eco-systems are the "Future Fruits.”  12 books are included as a way to protect the children. The United States, Mexico, Europe and Africa are portrayed to symbolize the heritages and journey of members of the co-heart.  Ernesto sent his drawings of the giraffe, lion and snake via email, which were then painted by Co-Heart members in El Paso. The animals are directing their attention to the baby in the womb of the Willow tree. The El Paso desert landscape is also portrayed.  The elder man and woman emerge out of the tree roots and the river flowing from the roots surrounds the heart.


Laurie Marshall



El Paso TX

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