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The El Paso City of Peace Singing Tree

After the County Commissioners of El Paso passed a resolution to make El Paso an International City of Peace (see resolution here), 27 people from different faiths, cultures, languages, ages, and races, gathered to express their vision of incorporating Restorative Practices in schools, courts, government and in areas of conflict.The painting honors the artwork of Christin Apodaca (the red-headed woman), lawyer Patrick Galbadon (the cactus and colorful sky)  Bordalo II, (the 60ft Trash mountain lion in the tree, facilitated by the Green Hope Project), Cimi Apodaca (the man in the yellow hat and the woman with the blue background) and Tino Ortega (915 metallic balloons). UTC is grateful to have artists of such caliber share their images for this effort. The potluck and painting were partly funded by the Multi-Cultural Arts District of the El Paso Museum. Facilitated by Laurie Marshall with help from Fernanda Lugo.


Laurie Marshall



El Paso, TX, USA

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