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The Manzanita Singing Tree of Kindness

Ukiah High School students in Evelina Boullouard-Rodriguez's science and French classes designed and painted this 8’ x 12’ acrylic painting. Fires had claimed houses and a classmate and the students wanted to focus on kindness. They included two trees because kindness is about relationships and depicted the planets as the chakras. Over 300 science students also added imagery on birds and leaves that explored the questions of 'What is a memorable act of kindness that you received or gave?' and 'Is there someone you were unkind to whose trust you need to restore?'"

Kate Marianchild, author of Secrets of the Oak Woodlands, consulted on the project. She taught us about how manzanita trees reproduce by a process called sonification, which has evolved over millions of years.  A bee unhooks its wings and vibrates at a perfect pitch of C, which causes the pollen to burst forth. The fact that the manzanita pollinates through music is perfect for the Singing Tree Project.

The Manzanita Singing Tree of Kindness Mural is located at the Ukiah High School campus.


Laurie Marshall And Lili Lopez



Ukiah High School

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