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The Singing Tree Project

Singing Tree Murals

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The Manzanita Singing Tree of Kindness

"Ukiah High School students recently participated in a collaborative, worldwide art project to promote peace and kindness—a mural that will be displayed in various locations throughout Ukiah before being permanently displayed on the Ukiah High campus.

The project was inspired by award-winning children’s author Kate Seredy’s story of a World War I battle during which Hungarian soldiers crawled all night through total desolation. When they reached safety, there was one tree still standing, and hundreds of birds of varying species were singing together, birds that do not naturally do so, creating a unique and beautiful song.

The name of the Ukiah High tree is the Manzanita Singing Tree of Kindness, and in it, students use art to explore questions such as, 'What is a memorable act of kindness that you received or gave?' and 'Is there someone you were unkind to whose trust you need to restore?'"

The mural will be on display at Mendocino Book Company from Monday March 12 through Friday March 16, after which it will be at the Ukiah Library on Main Street.

The Manzanita Singing Tree of Kindness Mural is located at the Ukiah High School campus.