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The Mesquite Party for the Planet Singing Tree

The Mesquite Party for the Planet Singing Tree was partially funded by Eco-El Paso and the El Paso Rotary Club. The painting brings attention to the life-giving native mesquite tree. We honor the bat (upper right) who depends on the agave plant (colorfully portrayed to the right of the mountain lion); the prairie dogs who escaped the Zoo two years ago; the endangered Mexican grey wolf; and the wild yellow poppies that appear every spring. A chakra rainbow encircles the earth as a protective labyrinth.

We are also raising awareness of the need to preserve the 372-acre Rio Bosque wetlands, nurtured for 20 years by the University of Texas in El Paso. A beaver has returned. We honor this sacred land in our painting. The Texas Department of Highways is studying the impact of three proposed new highways by and over the wetlands. Citizens are seeking permanent protection.

The mural will be on display in the El Paso Zoo's amphitheater through August 2024.


Laurie Marshall



4001 E Paisano Dr El Paso, TX 79905

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