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The Olive Singing Tree of Health

“It is the year 2020 and the Earth is gripped by heartache. Earth weeps from distress caused by decades of indifference to climate chaos, and now this terrible pandemic. The Universe responds to Earth’s distress and encapsulates the planet in a loving heart to hold the collective anxiety.  Symbolizing wisdom, health and stability, the olive singing tree offers Earth and all it’s inhabitants a shared vision for creating a healthy and sustainable future.”


-Leslie Rein (Olive Singing Tree Facilitator)

Olive Singing Tree of Health  is a nature-based collaboratively created mural whose purpose is to address a community problem or heartbreak. This mural focused on the heartbreak caused by Covid and was completed with the contribution of 53 people from across the country, 17 of whom lost loved ones to the virus. It is tangible evidence that collaborative art-making can turn pain into purpose. 

The mural gives homage to the grassroots activism of Marked By Covid, an organization dedicated to establishing a national day of mourning and holding politicians and policy makers accountable for their pasts failures that resulted in the unnecessary death of over 500,000 Americans. 

Many thanks to those of you who’ve supported me and special thanks to Laurie Marshall, founder of the Singing Tree Project, for her mentorship during this remarkable journey. I am grateful.


Leslie Rein



Oakland, CA

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