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Mural # 


The Pacha Mama Singing Tree

“I haven’t colored anything in so long, it felt good to be creative again. Thank you for the opportunity.” “We kept our original butterflies and had the kids give them to their mothers for Mother's Day.”

The symbolism of the elements are butterflies growing and flying through the tops of the tree branches after a long wait of being a caterpillar in a cocoon in the trees trunk below.

The core team who painted the tree and cut and pasted the butterflies was Singing Tree Facilitator Naomi Duben, Brynn Heckel and Sarah Kennedy of Los Angeles, CA.  People from all over the city contributed butterflies, sending images through internet that were printed and glued.

“This was so much fun and such a unique thing to do together”


Naomi Duben




Los Angeles, CA

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