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The Redwood Singing Tree of Healing and Freedom from Fear

30 sixth graders from Jack London Elementary School in Santa Rosa, California, were the Lead Design Team in this “Peace Building Through Art” Program. In 10 days, the students chose the theme of “Healing and Freedom from Fear.” Using technology, they researched native trees and selected the Redwood Tree to symbolizes strength and resilience. They co-designed and painted the background and drew and cutout over 300 leaves and birds. As part of their leadership training, the 6th graders went to all the classes in the school, inviting students and staff to add drawings of healing and freedom, which they glued to the painting. They also unveiled the completed mural to the school and parent community. Through this STEAM project, the students gained skills in communication, creativity and collaboration.

The painting celebrates childhood memories that invoke safety and healing - the tree house, giraffe and ball held by an elephant. The wolf is the mascot of Jack London Elementary and the lotus flower in the sun is a symbol of healing. The snake stands for protection. The project was funded by a California Arts and Music grant.

“I’m most proud of how it was just a piece of wood and then it was a mural. My biggest take away is how creative I can be and other people can be, too.”

-Marianna, age 11


Sweta Chawla and Cynthia Caruso


California Arts and Music


California, USA

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