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The Rowan Singing Tree of Embracing Our Unknown

The 1st “Co-heart” of Certified Singing Tree Facilitators began on-line in August, 2020 with 12 people from five countries. Though we were spread around the world, we co-created The Rowan Singing Tree of Embracing Our Unknown, as practice for healing heartbreak through the Singing Tree methodology. After generating a list of over 30 issues, we focused on the uncertainty in the world, co-creating a symbol that allowed the many unknowns we face as individuals and a world to be a shared experience which we embrace together. Each participant made an image using the Singing Tree structure of a tree on the earth in space. They photographed their image and sent it to me electronically. I synthesized their work into one symbol as well as printed out their unique ideas to be included in the mural. Each participant also colored leaves with the images of their gift to the Unknown and birds with images with their wish for the Unknown.


Laurie Marshall




India, England, Somalia, the U.S.

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