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The Singing Tree of What Truly Matters

Singing Tree of What Truly Matters, hosted by Aimée Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth, strengthened, clarified and amplified the power of Feminine Leadership. The Developing Alliances for Extraordinary Women happens the last Tuesday of every month in Santa Rosa.  Instead of birds flying to the tree, Aimee and Karen wanted butterflies. "Butterfly is is the essence and embodiment of the Divine Feminine.  She teaches grace, tenderness, awareness and energy of another way of being. Butterfly is the embodiment of spiritual growth and transcendence perhaps more than any other life form on earth, because of its transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. The purpose of the life of every butterfly is to set everything aside and to embrace an entirely new way of being. The butterfly totem is here to guide us on this journey of freedom, freedom from the past through the ascension process of becoming our higher self."


Laurie Marshall



What Truly Matters

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