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Aidil Oscariz is the founder and president of Advance Justice Consulting, which develops strategies and programming to support social justice organizations. Her services include policy and legal assistance and strategizing as well as community engagement and coalition-building. She previously served as Vice President of Policy and Advocacy at Catalyst Miami. She provides support to various other organizations to further social justice in Miami, as well as across the state. Towards this goal, she also serves on several boards including the Miami Workers Center, the Anthropocene Alliance, Miami-Dade County’s Commission on Human Rights, and is the President of the South Florida Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild

Previously, Aidil was an attorney and pro bono coordinator for Americans for Immigrant Justice, where she represented and advocated on behalf of immigrants, including unaccompanied children, and oversaw the pro bono program.  She has also worked for various other nonprofits and served as a consultant to various community organizations and groups to empower and improve the lives of vulnerable and underserved populations. In 2009, her research was published in Churches and Charity in the Immigrant City: Religion, Immigration, and Civic Engagement in Miami. 

Aidil holds a Master’s degree in Comparative Sociology from Florida International University and a JD from Fordham University. She is a writer and is very passionate about protecting our planet and making the world a more just, mindful, joyful, and equitable home for us all. 

Aidil Oscariz

Aidil Oscariz
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