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Beatriz Vera

Beatriz Vera

Beatriz Vera, BSW MA, is a bilingual Sociocultural Anthropologist.

Beatriz Vera, BSW MA, is a bilingual Sociocultural Anthropologist. She is a top-performing and result-driven Program Management Executive and Youth Advisor. As a Social Worker, she has worked with over 40 organizations advocating for social causes on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico Border.

Her work includes promoting health, environmental justice and civic education and maximizing quality care to underserved communities across the US-Mexico Border. She is a proactive leader in the bi-national region of El Paso/Ciudad Juarez, serving as a Lecturer in Social and Environmental Justice about the border region at the University of Texas in El Paso.  Her speciality is identifying, planning, developing, and implementing creative initiatives that support future visions and needs for under-represented populations.

In addition, she is instrumental in crafting inclusion projects, conducting research, managing staff and resources, handling complex situations, and providing practical solutions. She has devised and executed dynamic training programs in disease prevention through education on the complex intersection of systemic injustice and personal choice.

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