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Certified Singing Tree Facilitator

Bobbie Rae Jones

Bobbie Rae Jones

Bobbie Rae Jones believes arts is an essential aspect to solving our social problems.  A credentialed visual arts educator with over twenty years of experience instructing groups of all ages in a variety of modalities, she recently served disaster relief and long term recovery for 2018 Camp fire, 2020 COVID pandemic, 2020 Bear fire, and 2021 Dixie fire.  She completed an MA in Art and Education: PreK-Older Adult in 2018, where she researched how to use Art Education and Socially Engaged Art to build community.  Bobbie specializes in developing the muscle of the imagination as a tool, and combined with critical thinking she facilitates creatively visioning powerful results with the individual and group.  Using trauma-informed practices, her intent is to transform populations affected by multiple disasters into thriving communities, aspiring to offer a positive experience to every person as a means to transform trauma into beauty, build peace and community through the arts.

Bobbie has facilitated:

The Magnolia Singing Tree of Our Inner Wellspring

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