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Winter 2022 - Nourishing the Roots

It’s a New Year! I am sending you a winter greeting of nourishing the roots during the fallow season. As I reflect upon the concept of Unity Through Creativity, I am struck by the importance of being a Life-Long Learner in order to continually regenerate the roots of Creativity. Nature doesn't say, "I'm done adapting to reality." Nature says "How can I grow in this new situation? Where can I get nourishment? How can I give back to my eco-system?" By getting support from inspirational leaders, Unity Through Creativity (UTC) continually seeks to go deeper, wider, higher. Two programs gave us rigorous frameworks, team strength and expansive vision in 2021: Redesign Training and Shiloh Sofia McCloud's Intentional Creativity. The wisdom of these two loving, demanding and innovative offerings are being incorporated into the Singing Tree Methodology, Facilitator Training and other UTC programs.

Redesign Training provided an accountability structure for being one's word, goal-setting, radical possibility and group collaboration. The Blue Angels are the model for teamwork. These Air Force jets fly 20 inches apart at 900 miles per hour. The stakes are high and the accomplishments are thrilling. UTC partnered Redesign Training to raise $13,000 for Kids in Need of Defense through the Mahogany Singing Tree to Reunite Children with Their Families. We are also supporting Redesign Training for our Singing Tree Facilitators and Board members.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud is spearheading a worldwide movement of Intentional Creativity. A community of over 10,000 women join together as a stand for Inclusion, Creativity as a Birthright and growing Feminine Wisdom. Last year I participated in Shiloh's offering called "Ritual", painting on one canvas for 13 moons, as did 200 plus other women around the world. Shiloh asks us to deeply experience our unconscious, embrace our shadow and express what is unknown. I view this self-reflection as an essential process for Peace Building. Violence so often results from unmet, unconscious needs and trauma. If these needs and trauma can be made visible through art and shared through community, healing takes place. Below is the process of my painting which is almost complete.

Beginning - Three Soul Strokes



The Soul Dwells in Place - Mountains


The Visible Self and the Hidden Self

I am now embarking on Shiloh's next offering, "Maverick". I love how she articulates this year long-process: "Create a painting that honors your disruptor, rebel-with-a-cause, badass mystic artist archetype along with over a hundred other people around the world. All WHILE cultivating radical optimism in unreasonable times."

Yes, radical optimism in unreasonable times! This is the foundation of Unity Through Creativity. This is the unseen growth of the roots during the winter. This is the dandelion growing in the crack of the concrete. I treasure the nourishment from ReDesign Training and Intentional Creativity. Where are you getting your nourishment in the fallow times? I'd love to hear.

The challenges ahead are daunting. Creativity, Connection and Compassion are the key to a thriving human presence on the earth.

Thank you for being a part of this movement. You are treasured. You are needed. You are connected. You are essential.

With Love,



|||. TheSinging Tree of Love and Inclusion at Biondi Elementary School in Yonkers, New York - facilitated by Kristin Linder-Holmes in a school for traumatized youth who have been incarcerated and hospitalized. Students in Workington England, who just completed the Singing Tree of Inclusion and Protection, part of the 5x5 Program, will be connecting to New York students to accompany them in their project.

These are just highlights of the many projects we have planned. We will feature these original collaborative murals in our newsletter over the coming year.

This is what your gift can do:

$25 = A Set of Prismacolor colored pencils for coloring leaves and birds on a Singing Tree mural

$50 = Two 8' x 4' Boards that will make an 8' x 8' Singing Tree

$100 = Paints and brushes for an 8' x 8' mural

$500 = 400 Posters and postcards to distribute the Singing Tree Image throughout the impacted community

$1000 = 3 days of Singing Tree Facilitation with 150 students working on a Singing Tree

$3000 = Full Scholarship for a Six-month Singing Tree Facilitator's Training for a deserving trainee

You can make your gift here or contact me for other giving options. Your support now will help ensure that we can expand the reach of the Singing Tree Project and affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the next 20 years

May the Holidays and New Year be filled with Creativity, Joy and Abundance.

With Gratitude,



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