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Cyprus Singing Tree Of Peace

The Cyprus Singing Tree of Peace is the Year 1 mural of the five-year Cyprus Singing

Tree Mural Project. UTC is collaborating on this project with with Marina Neophytou and

Alden Jacobs of Visual Voices, a peacebuilding-though-art organization in Nicosia


The Cyprus Singing Tree Mural Project includes people on both sides of the divided

island working to create a networking of peacebuilding and address the deep wounds

and civil disruption the began with the civil war in 1974.

The Cyprus Singing Tree of Peace was created by a Lead Design Team of artists from

both sides of the country with the participation of a large number of members of the

wider community. The project was carried out in the Buffer Zone with the support of the

Cyprus Ministry of Culture and the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus

(UNFICYP), as well as private donors in the United States.

The mural is installed on an exterior wall of the UNFICYP headquarters in the Buffer



Alden Jacobs and Marina Neophytou




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