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Singing Tree of Courageous Connection that Inspires Loving Harmony

This 3’ x 6’ mural was created as part of the Crescent Moon Center’s summer program to build a community of support around people recovering from substance abuse disorders.  The Center uses an innovative equine-assisted learning and creative arts approach to support sobriety. They also advocate for change in the public’s perception of addiction from seeing it as a crime to seeing it as a health issue.  The week-long program was held at Rush Ranch of the Solano Land Trust in Suisun City, California.

Unity Through Creativity is proud to partner with such an effective and groundbreaking approach to recovery. The Singing Tree™ Mural process allowed the program participants to design, collaborate and paint a shared vision of success.  Everyone’s imagination was honored.  We chose the redwood tree and the rubber tree to stand for strength, flexibility and usefulness.  The dog, Lady, was part of our team. She soothed all of us with her quiet and enduring affection.  The white horse portrayed on the right had just been brought to Rush Ranch after enduring abuse.  We celebrate the crescent moon and the sun, whose form is inspired by Crescent Moon Center’s logo. The birds symbolize wishes for loving harmony and courageous connection.  The red songbird on the moon has the name of a beloved nephew who was murdered.  The leaves symbolize actions of connection, courage and harmony.  One cluster represents a brother who was lost. The small horses and squirrel look to the trees, to the campfire, to the tent, to the birds, to the stars, to the eco-system that support all of us. The word “Love” is the force that allows healing and growth.

No one knew what this image would be.  We drew upon our emergent wisdom as we explored our heartbreak and grew a healing vision. The mural points to the practical beauty of bringing together hearts and minds to help mend wounds in body and soul. Images of nature, plant and animal life, hold us in this process.

“I couldn’t believe how deeply and quickly we were able to trust each other and have so much fun working together. There were no power struggles.”

- Cynthia Caruso


Laurie Marshall



Rush Ranch

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