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Certified Singing Tree Mural Facilitator

Diana Sciarretta

Diana Sciarretta

Diana Sciarretta (She/They) is a Healthcare Justice Advocate, Somatic Expressive Healing Artist and Director of The Red & Orange House.

Diana’s creativity centers around exploring our growth edges and  the dignity of risking through art-making in community. She/they bring a trauma-informed art programs called Bodyscapes Healing Art Experience. The project’s signature focus is on exploring and reclaiming our relationship to our unique human bodies, celebrating art-making as self-care,  essential for community healing for people living without enough time, space and quality healthcare. Diana has brought her Bodyscapes Healing Art Experience to women living with cancer, teens living on dialysis, people living with HIV and future physicians.

Diana is a passionate, open-hearted and down-to-earth collaborator with a great sense of humor. She/they know how to be with a group going through an arts process, letting everyone find their own lane into creativity while providing steps that feel achievable and less intimidating for folks who might be new to making art in collaboration, sharing with a group, expressing feelings, and giving voice to their stories.

Diana lives and works on unceded traditional Ohlone land known as the Bay Area.

Diana has facilitated:

The Shanel Valley Academy Singing Tree Mural of Community and Culture

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