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The Oak Singing Tree of Strength and Happiness

The Oak Singing Tree of Strength and Happiness:  Growing strong bodies, curious minds, and compassionate hearts

During the design process the children of the East Oakland Boxing Association (EOBA), an after school program in East Oakland, contemplated the question, “when times are difficult in your life what gives you strength and what brings you happiness?” 
Eighteen 3rd-8th graders formed the Design Team to co-create the imagery.  As Oakland’s namesake the Oak was the tree selected to honor representing longevity, stability, and resilience. The dragon is the superpower focal point, a strong and fearsome creature who acts as the benevolent guardian showering love over the Earth, Oakland, and the EOBA family. The phoenix rising above the ancient pyramids of Mexico represent strength and resilience, and a loving community of family, friends, and animals bring happiness and peace to our lives.  In total sixty children, EOBA staff, family, and community members contributed  to the mural with colored leaves and hearts.

Partenered with Albany Middle School. Funded by the Peaceful World Foundation and EOBA

Facilitated by Leslie Rein and Diana Sciarretta.


Leslie Rein and Diana Sciarretta



Oakland, CA

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