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Certified Singing Tree Facilitator

Leslie Rein

Leslie Rein

After graduating from U.C.Berkeley, Leslie began her working career as a mental health counselor. While raising her daughter, she led a large, multi-level department in a Bay Area government agency where she sought to develop the highest and best contributions of people throughout the organization. Leslie’s passion for modern dance and exposure to other cultures during her travels abroad have given her life balance and perspective.

Since 2017, Leslie has focused on visual art, a process which she describes as a creative soul awakening. Making collaborative murals as a Singing Tree Project facilitator aligns perfectly with her passion for art and creativity. This artistic and peace-building process serves her desire to bring people together and heal common heartbreaks, rebuild trust, strengthen respect, practice acceptance, and love one another.

Leslie has facilitated:

The Shanel Valley Academy Singing Tree Mural of Community and Culture

The Redwood Singing Trees of Holding Community Through Unity

The Olive Singing Tree Mural of Health

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