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Artist Facilitator and Marketing Specialist

Wanda Whitaker

Wanda Whitaker

Wanda Whitaker is a visionary artist, hypnotherapist, information facilitator and conscious leadership coach residing in the San Francisco Bay Area.Visionary Painter, Healing Arts Practitioner and Spiritual Advisor, Wanda is a leader in racial reconciliation and social imagination. Painting is part of her life’s purpose in promoting brotherhood and a cultural awakening for living from a spiritual perspective. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, cafes and museums in the Bay area. She has helped to facilitate  Singing Tree murals and collaborative murals in safe houses for women. 

In addition, Wanda is an innovator in cause marketing, supporting marketers to meet their objectives through sales promotion, events, social media and other initiatives through incorporating a cause. Additionally, she serves nonprofit agencies by creating intellectual property ideas, developing marketing strategies, consulting on alternative fundraising ideas and developing partnerships/sponsorships for projects and events. Wanda has served on the Board of Directors of The Global Exchange and Create Peace Project. She is based in Pacifica, California and is on Unity Through Creativity's Advisory Board.

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