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Spring Now!

Dear Friends of Unity Through Creativity,

2023 is done and spring is here in El Paso, Texas and Oakland, California! We hope this is a time of new growth for you, your family and your community. We also hope this is a time of new growth for Peace Building in a world that has too much unearned suffering. Our hearts are with those who are experiencing the terror of violence, especially the children, in the Middle East, Ukraine, the Congo, Sudan, Afghanistan, and anywhere people are not safe.

In the midst of the conflicts around the world, we'd like to share the 2023 Milestones of Unity Through Creativity. We served 1,714 people—youth, adults and elders—who learned communication skills while creating 15 Singing Tree® murals. Over 90% of participants report significant increases in their belief that people can create extraordinary results. 11 year-old Victor from Santa Rosa, California summarized the lesson of the Singing Tree Mural Project succinctly: "If you're not fighting, you can make something great together,"   Click here to see all 15 murals and hear insightful comments, We continue to build Martin Luther King's "Beloved Community", one mural at a time.  Below are youth from around the country attending the Bioneers Conference last year.

For the 14th year, the Singing Tree Mural Project will be participating in the Bioneers Conference, offering a hands-on experience to youth and those who wished to join in making a collaborative visual message.  We will be in at University of California in Berkeley on the street in front of the David Brower Center, 2150 Allston Way Thursday-Saturday, March 28-30 in the afternoons. Please join us if you are in the Bay area.  We'd love to have you attend this amazing conference with us and make your mark on the mural.

Please enjoy these three short videos of our experiences at Bioneers over the years. The first video grew out of Bioneers 2018; the second one, Bioneers 2013 and the third one, Bioneers 2022.

Stay tuned for exciting updates about Earth Month in El Paso where the themes of Party for the Planet, Creativity Connects with Conservation and Planet vs. Plastics will be featured around the city. What's happening in your community for Earth Month?

We're also excited to expand our offering of stream-lined, accelerated Team Building programs for organizations and businesses. You can learn more here.

Bud, blossom, fruit - that is the rhythm of Spring which we are a part of. May the practice of Peace Building, and Peace Building through Art, amplify this natural evolution with clarity, hope and strength.

You appreciation,

Laurie and the UTC Team


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