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Life Will Out!

Dear Friends of Unity Through Creativity,

The gathering of loving minds at the Bioneers conference this March in Berkeley, CA was expansive, strengthening and focusing. 50 youth from around the country co-created "The Singing Tree of Reproductive Freedom that Restores Mother Earth"  in 15 hours.   The 8' x 4' mural expressed the collective heartache these caring youth are carrying, stemming from the denial of reproductive freedom, land/habitat destruction, and climate injustice.  They transformed their distress into joyous beauty.

The symbolism of the mural includes a pink tree whose roots form a uterus and fallopian tubes; an angel to guide and protect us in this difficult time; the wisdom of the owl; ten trees connected to a heart in a sacred circle; the female, male and trans signs combined and following the spiral of growth; and the miracle of technology as shown by a satellite. 

One student said: “The information at Bioneers about our environmental challenges is really hard.  Being able to paint together and talk really helped me have hope.  

Party for the Planet Singing Tree 

This is a work in progress. Thank you to all those who added your vision and voice in El Paso's at the Earth Fair and at the El Paso Zoo. We are happy to have you here.  Stay tuned for the completion of this mural.

May we reach for sustainability in the hot desert climate, like Eco-El Paso Board member Adrian Aniekwena. May you reach for sustainability wherever you find yourself. We are in this together.

With appreciation,

Laurie and the UTC Team


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