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The Olive Singing Tree of Evolving Elders

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

At least 54 million Americans are over 65. How can this population, which I am a part of, use our experience to be in service to each other and the younger generations? Sage-ing International answers this question with the motto "Wisdom and Spirit in Action." I had the privilege of facilitating "The Olive Singing Tree of Evolving Elders" for their inspiring summit on Oct. 29-31st. The theme of the conference was "Growing From I to We" and included keynote speakers Michael Meade, Clyde Ford and Amikaeyla Gaston. Below is a short slide show of a few of the sessions I was able to attend.

I was so impressed and moved by Sage-ing International 's self-organizing principles of Wisdom Circles, the high degree of care for all people and the use of

ritual to honor the sacred. They are a community that puts into practice the values of the Sage.

I close with the almost completed Olive Singing Tree of Evolving Elders, co-designed with Katia Peterson and the Sage-ing International, co-created with Lili Lopez. Let's keep growing.


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