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Building the Beloved Community

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

George Washington University’s e-Co Leadership Coaching Certificate program asked the 15 participants to reflect on what they learned. I facilitated a collaborative creative process. Together they created the Banyan Singing Tree of the Beloved Community.

Just as leaves convert sunlight into food and drop to the ground to fertilize the soil, the Banyan LEAVES symbolize: What service do I wish to bring to the world?

Flying, soaring, swooping, gliding, flocking, pivoting BIRDS symbolize the free and inspiring movement of a coach in the world. The imagery of the birds answer the question: What is my wish for myself as a coach?


Humans begin as devouring little caterpillars. Most of us go through a stage when we have a protective outer shell while we fall apart inside without knowing that something magnificent will emerge. The butterfly symbolizes: How did the program transform me?

To see the complete reflection of the dedicated coaches which unpacks the genius of the participants, click here. And may you be part of the Beloved Community you deserve.


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