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Darkness and Light

Updated: Mar 25

Dear Friends of Unity Through Creativity,

As the days come to their shortest, the darkness makes the light shine brightest. We celebrate that each person's "Inner Light" can shine brightly through expressing their unique creativity. In the darkness of both the season and the darkness of needless suffering inflicted by violence on our world, each person's Light is desperately needed. 

Unity Through Creativity (UTC) celebrates the support that Roswell, New Mexico's public school system gives to the Light of its students.  This town of 50,000 houses the cutting-edge Creative Learning Center.  Almost 5000 K-5 students receive high quality arts experiences with 14 Teaching Artists in the performing and visual arts.  In a ten-hour "Peace Building Through Art" training, UTC facilitated a collaborative vision  - the 4' x 12' Singing Tree of Creating Creative Community.

"We couldn't pay enough money for this training. It was just what the teaching artists needed after working with 700 students every two weeks for four months. They were replenished, excited by their creativity and risk-taking and grew more connected to each other "

      Tamra Gedde, Director, Creative Learning Center, Roswell, New Mexico  

With the long dark nights upon us, Unity Through Creativity brought together a group of people to support and strengthen El Paso's Beloved Community. On Dec. 8, we met at Abara, an "ever-growing community of peace builders in the beautiful borderlands of Juarez and El Paso".  After sharing a delicious potluck, we viewed a brand new short documentary of the International Day of Peace.

"Seeing the video reminded me that there are still so many good people in the world that want peace and connection," said musician and podcaster g'beda who was part of the day. Hopefully viewing the video will reaffirm your faith in humanity as well.

The intergenerational, interracial, inter-religious group of 25 people, aged 8 to 79, who gathered at Abara this month contributed their vision to the 3' x 4' El Paso City of Peace Singing Tree Mural (a work in progress). We are also honoring the work of Tino Ortega (the 915, which is El Paso's area code), Patrick Gabaldon (the cacti) and David Herrera (the Mexican man who did not give up his search for a lost son)

Both events were partially funded by a grant from MCAD, El Paso Museum & Cultural Affairs Division.

We also honor the 64-foot tall mountain lion sculpture on The El Paso City of Peace Singing Tree (work-in-progress).  The artwork is mounted on a downtown building and was made by Portuguese artist Bordalo II out of trash. The cougar is known as Frankie and was made possible by Green Hope Project, an art, education, environmental program.

As a friend of Unity Through Creativity, we appreciate the support you have given to nourish the unique "Light" of youth and adults through our teambuilding, creative self-confidence and collaboration programs in 2023.  Your connection with us strengthens our determination to grow this work.   

Thank you from the bottom of our heart,

Laurie and the UTC Team


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